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How to Find a Good House Painter!

So you decide it is about time to acquire a Tinley Park house painter. Whether or not you're doing the interior or maybe outside there are a great deal of things to think about when achieving this type of selection that is important.

Steps to acquiring an excellent interior painter:

1.) Check to make sure they have have a contractor's license.

You are able to speak to them at 708-532-5700.

In addition, determine whether the painter uses a specialty of home or maybe business work.

The correct questions to ask:

Were you articles with the amount of quality provided from the Tinley Park house painter?

Every person gives their unique thoughts about quality, which implies you must examine his or maybe her judge and home on ones own. Inside or perhaps outside does not make a difference; right floor region planning usually results in a lot more effective, much more appealing results.

Regarding exteriors for instance concrete, roofing along with plantings. With regard to the interior moving and protecting family home furniture is actually a primary problem however don't ignore the floors. If a painter was poor with a single client chances are they will be poor with them all. Must you be left to clean up after the painter this is going to cost you a lot more time, aggravation and expense.

Good House Painter

Were they courteous and respectful?

This may be an incredibly important thing to check. The entire encounter, from beginning to end, should be as stress totally free as it could be. Additionally if your house painter wants his or maybe the work of her, the standard and focus on details is gonna be much better. The customers frame of mind will affect the entire paint job. Usually this may be the 1st issue you ask. If the reaction to this issue is actually "no" then don't proceed any kind of further, you don't desire to do business with this individual.

20 Yard Dumpster

A 20-yard dumpster is great for larger remodeling projects, roofing tear-off, demolition of a larger deck, etc. A 20-yard dumpster is generally the biggest dumpster that a dumpster rental Cedar Park hauler will allow for a roofing tear-off project because of the weight of the shingles. Some dumpster companies may have larger trucks and haul more weight, but generally 12 tons is the maximum. Check with your local dumpster company to see if they will allow shingles in a larger dumpster if your roofing project is larger than 40 squares of multiple layers.30 and 40-yard


If you are doing a larger clean-out project with large bulky items, a large demolition project or building or remodeling an entire home, then a 30 or 40-yard dumpster may be the one for you. 30 and 40-yard dumpsters are taller, 6 and 8 feet tall respectively. You must also keep in mind that you cannot fill the dumpster higher than the outside rim of the dumpster. Haulers must tarp the loads in order to haul them legally and heaping up the debris higher than the outside rim will prevent them from tarping the load. Your Local Dumpster Rental Man also reminds renters that there are some items that cannot be placed in a dumpster. Laws and regulations vary from state to state, so you are encouraged to contact your Local Dumpster Rental Man representative to inquire of the items that cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. Typically any type of home pesticide or chemical that could potentially damage the environment cannot be thrown into a dumpster as common waste. Batteries, whole tires, wet paint, propane tanks, 55-gallon drums, asbestos, etc. also cannot be thrown into a dumpster. Some landfills are not licensed to accept any type of hazardous waste and if they are, they must abide by state and federal laws and local haulers must therefore abide by the same rules. Pesticides, fertilizers and home cleaning products can seep into the ground water and contaminate the soil. Even at a landfill, where the landfill “cell” is lined with plastic, breakouts of leachate (water seeping out of a landfill) sometimes occur and that’s why landfill owners are as cautious as they are as to what they will allow in the landfill.

Tires can be disposed of in a landfill, but most landfills require that the tires be cut in quarters. This prevents the tires from “floating” back to the surface which mosquitos can then use as breeding grounds. Some communities provide a tire pick-up day for residents where the township will rent the dumpsters and charge homeowners a fee for each tire that is to be disposed of. Other communities will also offer a hazardous waste pick-up day to residents. Homeowners should check with local authorities to find out if this is offered in their communities.

Dumpster Sizes | Troy Dumpster Rental

Roll-off containers, sometimes called construction dumpsters, are usually set temporarily at a work site. Open top roll off dumpsters are used by the do-it-yourselfer and are the most common. Debris can be thrown into the dumpster from the top of the dumpster or the hinged door in the rear of the container can be opened and the dumpster can be loaded from the rear.

Roll-off dumpsters are delivered on the back of a special roll-off truck that is equipped with a cable and wench. The bed of the truck consists of two rails that match slots in the bottom of the roll-off container. The rails are hydraulically lifted up in the front and the container is “rolled off” of the truck and onto the ground with the cable.10 and 15-yard. While Local Dumpster Rental Man can’t tell you what size container to rent, there are some guidelines to follow when deciding what size container you will need. A 10 or 15-yard roll-off dumpster is a great size for smaller projects such as cleaning out a garage, disposing of a small deck and small remodeling projects.

If you do not have too many large, bulky items like couches, refrigerators, stoves, etc. then a 10 or 15-yard may be the ticket. 10 and 15-yard dumpsters are also great for roofing tear-offs. If the roofing project is under 30 squares (10’ x10’ to a square) of single-layer shingles, then this size dumpster would be ideal for your project.20-yard If you are unsure if a 10 or 15-yard is big enough for your project, then Local Dumpster Rental Man suggests renting the 20-yard dumpster. Keep in mind that if the smaller dumpster is not large enough, then you would have to order another container to finish the project and it will cost twice as much. The price for a 20-yard is not much greater than for the 10 or 15-yard and may save you money in the long run.

Rent a Dumpster

You must rent, borrow, or buy a vehicle big enough to carry large loads of garbage and recyclables to waste management facilities. Though you can use a smaller vehicle which creates more trips, and so causes major fuel expenses and with the higher cost of fuel, these costs really add up quickly. Vehicles big enough and strong enough to handle large loads are expensive.

Plus large waste hauling vehicles are hard to find and rent. You may need to hire a certified truck driver and will need to figure this additional expense plus add on the cost of fuel when hauling your own waste. Complications in Locating & Using Waste Facilities Then you must find a reputable waste disposal facility for the Troy Area. If you plan to recycle, your search must include facilities capable of recycling and follow their procedures to the letter or they will not accept your waste. In many communities, you will need to know the restrictions forboth the dump and the recycling facility.

You will need to plan to spend time researching facilities, the services each offers, and the additional costs and fees associated with waste disposal and with recycling charges and limitations. Avoid The Hassle and Let Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man/Waste Removal Service Take Care Of Your Waste Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Services include Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man delivery, pick up, and waste disposal. Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man rental services can save you money. You can save more money, stop the waste of your time, end waste removal hassles, and not have to deal with waste removal complications. Choosing a locally owned and operated, complete waste removal service help sensure that you will remain free from delivery and removal delays, because you do not have to worry about problems that can occur with non-local waste removal companies that outsource their waste removal activities.

Trash Removal Problems

Have you ever tried removing a large amount of trash or construction waste to your local garbage dump? You can take your waste to a garbage dump yourself but there is a large amount of hassle involved. What problems you may encounter will easily show you why Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man is an easy, no-hassle Troy Dumpster Rental choice. Do It Yourself Waste Removal Hassles Hauling your own garbage requires a huge time investment and can lead to unforeseen hassles. Self-removal requires you to invest time packaging and containing the garbage, finding and learning to use waste facilities, loading a vehicle, driving to the facility, unloading the vehicle and returning to your property. Finding a decent facility takes research. Recycling plans may require you to make multiple trips to numerous facilities. The lines at dumps and recycling buildings are often long, costing you time. Your time is valuable and is worth money to you so you are not really saving anything by using your own time to haul your trash. Do-It-Yourself Waste Removal Storage and Removal Problems

Self-removal calls for a huge investment of effort. You must figure out how to process your waste for removal, find a way to store the waste before removal, be safe and prevent legal (and problems with neighbors) concerning how you store your waste on your site, physically transport the load(s),and dispose of the waste and do it properly with regard to the waste removal requirements of the waste disposal site, (and if you are recycling within the recycling requirements of the recycling site.) Nothing is more irritating than taking your waste to a recycling site and finding out that they will not accept it for free and that you have to pay for disposal! Do-It-Yourself Waste Removal Problem: Extreme Physical Exertion and Safety Concerns

If you use a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, your only time investment is loading the garbage into the container. That’s it. If you do it yourself you must, remove your own garbage, load the containers, load the vehicle used to transport the garbage, unload the vehicle, and again load the facility’s garbage containers. As you can see, this carries with it excessive physical exertion requirements and the possibility of injury from heavy lifting which you want to avoid. Problems with Do-It-Yourself Waste Removal Creates Transportation Problems

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man

When the project is complete and the roll off, Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, is being rolled away, make a mental note to be more organized in the future; remember how this huge project took all day. Admire your handiwork for a few minutes to appreciate the nicely organized garage you’ve been thinking about and looking forward to parking in this winter. Of course, clutter happens, over time, but a clean-up project this large can be kept down to an annual event if you remember to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Good organization now means an easier annual clean up job later. If you don’t need a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man we rent smaller containers too!

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Services Construction Projects: Construction sites usually have an unlimited supply of dangerous material such as scrap material, debris, unused materials, and other garbage. A Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, allows your company to place all the garbage in one area, keeping your site clean and safe for all.

Do-It-Yourself Projects: These projects often involve plenty of debris, garbage, waste, and other large material scraps. Use a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man to keep your family safe from the garbage you generate. Often, your neighborhood waste removal services do not cover large garbage loads generated by these projects. Yard Clean-up and Landscaping: Shrubs, stones, bricks, sod, children’s yard equipment, trees and other waste caused by serious yard clean-up or landscaping projects are not covered by city garbage services. Rent a dumpster to dispose of this type of garbage. Heavy Cleaning or Moving: Household furniture and other large garbage items are too big for common garbage services and cause an eyesore to neighbors when placed on the curb. Use Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man and order a small dumpster rental to suit your cleaning and moving needs. Please call us direct for a free, no-obligation Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man for a free quote. Call 248-796-8445 for your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man For email: Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man@gmail.comNot Sure Your Need a Troy Local Dumpster Rental ?ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT DO-IT-YOURSELF-TRASH REMOVAL?THEN YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ MORE ABOUT YOUR LEGAL LIABILITY.

How Do I Set Up A Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Delivery?

If you are concerned about renting a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man dumpster and have never rented a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man before, then please call us for more information. We will be happy to help you with estimating the proper size and type of waste removal and Troy Local Dumpster Rental you need. We help you save money on your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental costs. About Us, And Our Low Cost Troy Local Dumpster Rental We are a locally owned and operated Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental service, right in your area. You will find our service personnel to be friendly and easy to work with. Your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, dumpster will be delivered to your site when you want it and need it. We will help you quickly and easily get rid of your waste, and do it for a low cost that you can easily afford.Our Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Services are 100% “customer satisfaction guaranteed” oriented. Need to rent a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man for your construction or home repair project near Troy? Please call us direct for afree, no-obligation Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man quote. Call 248-796-8445 Local Dumpster Rental Man CALL YOUR LOCAL Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man For Your Fall Cleanup or Garage Clean Out

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man is the right trash container rental service for your county, your city, your garage and your environment. If the storage space for your Christmas decorations in your garage becomes packed with Easter scenery and baskets, the job will often appear larger that it looks. Be sure to plan ahead before tackling this project; allow twice the amount of time you think it will take to organize the garage. You could always leave your outside Christmas decorations hanging from the roof until next year. That would leave you plenty of space for the Easter and Halloween scenery. Or you could rent the services of the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man disposal companies. Save a lot of time and trouble by renting a Troy Local Dumpster Rental rather than trying to bag it and pile it up at the street for your regular trash pick up service. There is most likely a limit as to how much can go out each week. Waste removal services save time and conveniently gets rid of all the trash at once. Be organized when taking on this project. Move the cars and use the driveway as a place to pile everything. Empty the garage completely, sweep it clean and begin reorganizing.

This is the time to put up shelves, build a cabinet or install the organizers. Handle each item just once! Put it in the appropriate pile, on the shelf, in the tool box or in the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man. Get rid of whatever you haven’t used in over a year; chances are, you really do not need it and will never use it. Continue with each item until the driveway is clean, the garage is organized and the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man is full.

The Right Size Dumpster Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man?

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man is ready to serve you with a reliable and affordable roll off dumpster rental experience. Need Help With Figuring Out The Right Size Dumpster Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man ?

We offer Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man sizes to fit all your needs. When you call us, we can help you determine the right size of Dumpster Rental and the type of trash you want collected. This will allow us to find the best fit for your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man needs, at the lowest possible cost to you. Our larger Troy Local Dumpster Rentals are called roll off Dumpster Rentals, and are measured in cubic yards. Roll off Troy Local Dumpster Man Rentals come in sizes that are 10, 20, 30 & 40 yards.12 ft x 8 ft 4 ft high Troy Local Dumpster Rentals= 10 Yards of Dumpster Content Dumpster Rental dimensions for a 10 yard Troy Local Dumpster Rentals are: 12 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 4 ft. high. This size is usually sufficient for the debris from 1500 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles, small yard or garage debris cleanup, or a small interior remodeling job or small deck removal job.22 ft x 8 ft 4.5 ft high Troy Local Dumpster Rentals = 20 Yards of Dumpster Content Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man dimensions for a 10 yard Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man are: 22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 4.5 ft. high. This size is usually sufficient for the debris from 2500 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles, large yard or garage debris cleanup, or a large interior remodeling job or carpet removal, or waste from a 300 square foot of deck remodeling job. 30 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft high Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man = 30 Yards of Dumpster Content Troy Local Dumpster Rentals dimensions for a 30 yard Troy Dumpster Man Rental are: 30 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. high. This size is usually sufficient for the debris from 4000 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles, large yard or garage debris cleanup, or a large interior remodeling or exterior siding job or window replacements or construction of a new home, removal of an edition or garage.22 ft x 8 ft X 8 ft high Troy Dumpster Rental = 40 Yard Troy Dumpster Rental Troy Local Dumpster Rental dimensions for a 40 yard Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man are: 22 ft. long by 8 ft. wide by 8 ft. high. This size is usually sufficient for the debris from 5000 sq. ft. of single layer roof shingles, very large yard or garage debris cleanup, or a very large interior remodeling or exterior siding job or window replacements or construction of a new home, removal of an edition or garage or a commercial building construction or remodel job. Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Fees

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Service Companies may charge a flat fee to rent the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man for a certain length of time. For most the standard time length is 7 days. If you’re a homeowner and know you’ll need the dumpster rental for more than their standard rental period, tell the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, representative you talk to in order to make sure that you know the extra changes for the longer time period. When you book your rental make sure you know if there are any additional fees such as a special delivery charge for the dumpster rental (especially if not during normal business hours or a weekend) or if there is an extra fuel charge to your location. When the Troy Local Dumpster Rental is picked up, before it is dumped at the landfill facility it is weighted. If your Troy Local Dumpster Rental weights more than the maximum allowable weight, then there may be extra charges applied to your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental fee. Be sure you are aware of the weight limits for your Troy Local Dumpster Rental and any surcharges that may apply. Is It Possible To Recycle My Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Trash? When calling, be sure to tell us what type of trash you have. If your trash is all one kind of material, it is called a clean Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man load. This means that we may be able to recycle this load and the cost may be less. A mixed load is generally not recyclable and so it will be a higher cost to you. What is a recyclable material? Dumpster Rental loads of: construction materials like concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, cardboard, shingles, paper are all recyclable.

Dumpster Rental Troy

Troy Dumpster Rental 248-796-8445font-size: large -->Having ‘Do-It-Yourself ’ Waste Removal Problems? Looking For Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man with Rentals Determining price?- What size do I need? Call Now: 248-796-8445 Are You Thinking About A Dumpster Rental in Troy For Trash Removal?

When you are comparing Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental prices, you will want to keep the rental cost as low as possible, so you will call several companies to compare rates. When you call us we can quote you a low-cost and very affordable price right over the phone and schedule your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man delivery all at the same time. This saves you time and the hassle of calling around to find the lowest price. We guarantee we can meet the price of anyone else you can call. When you reserve your Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man with us you can be assured a lower price than the national, online Dumpster Rental Brokers and will prevent paying hidden fees and markups.

Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental costs, will vary depending on; where you are located, how large a Dumpster Rental you need, and how long you need the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, rental for. The price for renting a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man ,can vary depending on the cost the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Company has to pay to dispose of the waste, you want picked up. When Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man Services quote you a Dumpster Rental cost, they are figuring in the cost to dispose of your materials, and the type of materials will also be figured into your final Troy Local Dumpster Rental rate. When estimating a quote for a Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, where you live and the size of the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man will add to your dumpster, rental cost. If you are located a long distance from a disposal center, you will be paying a higher fee for delivery and pickup. The size of the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, also will cause an increase in price, since the larger the Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man, the more it costs to deliver it and pick it up. Rent Local for Reliable Dumpster Service at the Best Price. If you need to rent a dumpster for bulk trash removal or construction waste removal, its important to rent your dumpster directly with a locally operated trash hauling service… such as the kind “Troy Local Dumpster Rental Man” brings you.

Troy Dumpster Rental - Roll off Dumpster

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Adithya Constructions Real Estate Bangalore Adithya Palatial Adithya Greens Flats Adithya Park Flats

Adithya Constructions Real Estate Bangalore Adithya Palatial | Adithya Greens FlatsA Spectacular, resplendent edifice, draped in elegance and ensconced in a corporate ambience will soon straddle the Bangalore stkyline, Adithya Park consist of 60 aesthetically structured flats with various design possibilities to suit your precise requirements. Location : Near Hebbal, towards NewInternational Airport , BangaloreNorth, ByatarayanapuraSignal, Near skyline apartment Project Name Aditya ParkNo of Bedroom 2 & 3 BHK2 BHK Dimensions 1025, 1060, 1100, 1115, 1170, 1190 sqft3 BHK Dimensions 1340, 1365, 1385, 1475 sqft AMENITIES - Plenty of Lung space - High quality external facades - Basement car parking - Swimming Pool - Gymnasium - Multi purpose Hall - Intercom - Children play area - Landscaped Area - DG Backup - Rain water Harvesting systems - Round the clock security. Adithya greens have been designed to offer you much more than mere residential accommodation. It is provided with all the facilities one can find in a township. This apartments are coming up with stilt car parking and four floors of 2 & 3 BHK residential complex. It is on the way to New International Airport, lush greenery can be found in the vicinity.

Location: Bhuvaneshwari Nagar Near Hebbal, towards New International Airport , Bangalore NorthProject Name Adithya Greens No of Bedroom 2 & 3 BHKNo of Floors 4 FloorsDimensions 1000, 1055, 1115, 1165, 1225, 1290, 1335, 1360 sqft AMENITIES - Plenty of Lung space - stilt car parking - High quality external facades - Swimming Pool - Gymnasium - jogging Track - Intercom - Children play area - DG Backup - Rain water Harvesting systems - Round the clock security.

Adithya Spring as an exquistite set of 28 Flat apartment, each a delight to the resident, Built on a connoisseur’s platform, due to attention has been given to the minutest details, which makes the project a lifestyle destination. Located to close to Hebbal Fly over this wonderful set of exquisite living space is close to Urban convenience and corporate magnificence. - Multi Gym - Party Hall - Children Play Area - Intercom - 24 hours Power backup - Rain water Harvesting

Easy Stone Designs | Easy Construction Solutions

EASY STONE DESIGNS Natural stone décor fuses nature with modernity when used on floors and walls, and when it comes to styles and design, the options are seemingly endless. Designing walls or the floor of your home with natural stone will give it luminosity, depth of colour, and a lasting appeal that reconnects the space to the natural world. We provide the latest collection of the rarest, most unconventional and imaginative designer natural stone tiles. Advantages of using EasyStone’s natural stone décor and tiles include: There are many wonderful and unique possibilities when using natural stone for floor or wall décor. In addition, we use various innovative processes of transforming natural rocks into a fascinating wide selection of aged or antique stones for flooring and wall cladding in both interiors and exteriors. Our unique new line of natural stone selections offer modern and irresistible quality finishes to bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, and living room; conforming to current trends. Natural stone flooring’s durability and smooth texture is likely to increase a home’s worth for many years. Newer quarrying and manufacturing techniques by EasyStone enable the use of natural stone on walls, where previously only artificial options were available. Natural stone décor are non-polluting and eco-friendly, a great option for a luxurious home.

While man-made materials would work just fine and in many cases are the optimal way to go, EasyStone’s natural stones have a glow and depth that cannot be trounced. EasyStone’s natural stone tiles bring the colours and texture of nature to your home and add to a room a quality and warmth that is not possible with any other material. Each natural stone’s uniqueness contributes to the appeal, which provides unique colours that at times may look illusionary. Our natural stones do not develop cracks like cement does, and unlike marble, natural tiles feel natural and warm under the feet. Due to the fact that we get natural stones straight from the earth, there are wide variations in its colour and quality. In addition, the veining and colour is unique for every piece while the visual appeal is unsurpassed. Modern artificial tiles, furniture, lighting and other artificial décor inputs would be great, but they make the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallways, or bathroom look ordinary, plain and quite monotonous. Adding some natural elements is a great way to make such areas look visually stunning. EasyStone provides home-owners with the flexible option of using natural stones not only to tile their walls or floors, but also for their bath tubs and sinks.

Natural stone floors and walls absorb sound, are not slippery and work well in high traffic areas. Therefore, they can also be used in hotels, banking halls, and even in shopping malls. They naturally enhance and improve the appearance of your home in a beautiful and evocative way. Just like good wine, our natural stone décor improves with age.


The system uses a combination of fluidized and fixed bed reactor mechanisms. Immobilized Bed Reactor - immobilized bed reactor process has been used more successfully for the treatment of wastewater. Under many conditions, immobilized bed reactors have an advantage over either free cells or immobilized enzymes. By preventing washout, immobilization allows a high cell density to be maintained in a bio-reactor at any flow rate. Catalytic stability is greater for immobilized cells and some immobilized microorganisms tolerate higher concentration of toxic compounds than do their non-immobilized counterparts.

Advanced 'Immobilized Bed Reactor' technology for treatment of wastewater – the concepts deployed in this technology are: i)Immobilization of organisms in the carrier matrix will prevent the dissipation of oxygen. ii)Accessibility of enzymes to the substrate is increased by reducing the mean free path of the bio catalyst to the substrate. iii)Reduce the cellular synthesis by using the organisms with low-yield coefficient.

In the advanced 'Immobilized Bed Reactor' technology, the carrier matrix used is a designed medium of low surface area. The bacteria immobilized in the anoxic zone fragments the organics into simpler compounds. Advanced 'Immobilized Cell Reactor' technology applied to treatment of domestic wastewater - Domestic wastewater discharged from domestic sector is complex in nature due to the presence of organic, inorganic chemicals, wide spectrum of organisms that are pathogenic and non-pathogenic in nature. Conventional biological treatment systems fail to accomplish removal of dissolved organics and microorganisms to the satisfactory level. Moreover, the systems are not efficient enough to recover the water for reuse purpose. Domestic wastewater is screened and passed through filters to remove the suspended solids. The screened domestic wastewater is treated in anaerobic reactor. The anaerobic treated wastewater is applied over the surface of the Advanced 'Immobilized Bed Reactor' reactor. The Advanced 'Immobilized Bed Reactor' reactor has an integrated biological and chemical oxidation incorporated in a single reactor.

Specific benefits of Wastewater | Constructions

ADVANTAGES OF THE SYSTEM The Wastewater Treatment System generates cost-benefit advantages greater than those associated with conventional onsite systems, traditional sewer and others currently being offered in the market. The system achieves these advantages by integrating specifically designed natural materials that have been selected due to their simplicity, natural stability, cost effectiveness and regulatory acceptance.

Specific benefits: i)Certified treated effluent which can be discharged into the environment through natural water ways. ii)Use of natural methods with no mechanical or electrical systems. [Note: other options in the market are installed with electric pumps associated with very high operational costs and are unreliable due to the frequent power failures]. iii)Comparative low cost of installation. THE SYSTEM DESIGNThe Wastewater Treatment System fully takes into consideration every residential lifestyle and sanitary routines when designing the treatment system. Having developed common and cross cutting factors for similar conditions, the system is standardized for uniformity. The efficiency of operation is achieved by carefully designing for the required hydraulic head and selection of filter media to achieve the right effluent qualities. The Wastewater Treatment Principle is a fully activated anaerobic system with primary, secondary and tertiary chambers. The primary chamber being the sedimentation unit where treatment takes place with the biological reaction activated with advanced enzymatic technology which has super-high bacteria count and fast-acting enzymes capable of digesting all solid waste. The secondary and tertiary chamber comprise of filters which are used for physical straining and further biological treatment of the effluent from the sedimentation tank. It uses natural filters and coal for effluent neutralization. The entire system is hydraulically driven and does not use any mechanical or electrical means. The System Arrangement The system comprises the following: i)Primary Treatment – for sedimentation, bacterial formation and primary biological digestion of solid and liquid waste. In certain instances, additives are injected into the primary tank for coagulation and solidification of chemicals that form part of the raw sewage. ii) Secondary Treatment – for physical straining of liquid effluent and further biological digestion. iii)Tertiary Treatment - for complete straining of liquid effluent and final treatment of liquid effluent before discharge into the environment or before recirculation. Dosing of a disinfectant is done in this chamber.

SCHEMATIC ARRANGEMENT Waste material enters the sedimentation tank and i)Heavier solids settle to the bottom and form a sludge layer. ii)Lighter wastes such as oil and grease rise to the top and form a scum layer. iii)Between these two layers is liquid wastewater. iv)For industrial effluent - Interceptors, grease/fat traps and screens are introduced to remove solids such as grit, pips, skins, curds and twigs. There is replacement of ‘good’ bacteria depleted/destroyed by organic inhibitors such as heat and chemicals (for example, acids and caustic soda). The new bacteria restore the biological balance and help accelerate the degrading process.

Advantages of Easy Construction Solutions

Advantages: 1. Relatively light 2. Interlocking vertical 3. Horizontal planes 4. Fully plant supportive 5. Prevents progressive erosion

Specific benefits: 1. Living wall allows plant growth and water drainage 2. Durability 3. Mortar less interlocking walls 4. Layout flexibility 5. Easy to install 6. Specific Advantages: 7. Non polluting and eco friendly 8. Absorbs sound 9. Non Slippery Advantages: 1. Naturally enhance and improve 2. appearance of home. 3. Durability. 4. Enhanced home worth. 5. Wide variation in color and quality. EasyBlock Concrete Retaining Blocks are made of hollow units of uniform strength and dimensions. They interlock horizontally as well as vertically with optional keys or gravel infill, and they contain no air voids. They have a closed vertical and open horizontal surface structure. As such they lend themselves ideally to the construction of both light terrace walls as well as heavy gravity retaining walls. The units can be reversed so that a variety of versatile appearances and features can be created.EasyBlocks are a retaining wall system that combines more advantages than other systems: relatively light weight for transport, interlocking on horizontal as well as vertical plane, reversible to display smooth round face, smooth straight face or split straight face appearance, is fully plant supportive with an open horizontal surface structure, and has a closed vertical surface structure to prevent progressive erosion of compacted backfill. The wall inclination and curvature can be adapted at will to suit site conditions and blocks can be filled with soil, gravel or concrete as required. The range of plant-supportive blocks is suited to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and support sustainable development in soil stabilization. Walls can range from light or heavy gravity walls to composite retaining. • A living wall: The unique hollow-core design allows you to make plants a part of your wall and allows water to drain back into the ground. Use low-water-use plants to create a landscape that’s sustainable. Plant growth also deters graffiti. • Durability: Concrete will not rot and weaken over time, and no chemical preservatives are required. Blocks can be replaced if damage occurs. • Mortarless interlocking walls: The units are simply stacked up without mortar to provide a cost effective, do-it-yourself system. Can be used for light revetment cladding, medium-to-heavy gravity retaining walls, heavy duty composite walls in combination with earth reinforcing grids (fabrics) or reinforced concrete infill. • Layout flexibility: The half moon interlock easily handles convex and concave curves, and the wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes. Create steps by reversing the block. • Colour and texture: You can choose between a circular, straight or rock face finish. • User Friendly: Units are lightweight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete. Fence and handrail posts can be set within blocks.The benefits of EasyBlock soil retaining walls are: • Obtainable in different sizes and colours • Reversible units offer variations on elevations • Variable setback allows for a picturesque appearance • Design flexibility to accommodate corners, curves, and stairs • They are plant supportive whether with a rounded or rock face elevation • Low transport cost – lightweight, hollow units • Easy handling for remote site applications • Installed using standard industry procedures • No intricate installation manuals required • Special units and connectors are 1`not required • One-block system; low labour & material cost

There are various types of these systems on the market with elevations ranging from open checker board appearance to closed vertical surface structure and many are plant supportive to varying degrees. Some systems are interlinked, while others interlock on the vertical and/or horizontal plane. All systems rely mostly on inter-block friction to derive a measure of sliding resistance and under ideal conditions that is sufficient to prevent collapse when constructing a gravity retaining wall. Yet, when substantial active lateral earth pressure occurs, considering the slender cross-section of these walls clearly no amount of interlocking or interlinking will prevent such a structure from collapsing.